About Cyprus

About Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite the goddess of love.
Cyprus is steeped in history with ancient monuments and sites of interest wherever you go.
Ancient Greek and Roman ruins abound mingling with the modern Cyprus. You never have to venture very far to explore the history of the island.

Its position in the Eastern Mediterranean makes it a great base for exploring other exotic places such as Greece, Egypt and the Middle East with mini cruises leaving every day for these destinations.
You will find a warm welcome and friendly smiles wherever you go with most of the people speaking English although the official language is Greek.
Road signs are in Greek and English, even street signs, shops signs and menus in restaurants are in English.
This makes settling here very easy in comparison to many other mediterranean countries.

Eating out
Dining out is a delight, with value for money dishes on the menus ranging from dishes to suit the European taste as well as the traditional Cypriot dishes including the famous Meze which can consist of up to 20 dishes.
Fish mezes are a speciality with wonderful new experiences every time you have one as the dishes served vary from place to place and day to day. It is a great opportunity to sample a wide variety of different fish dishes.

The Weather
Temperatures range from 12 celcius in January to 35 celcius in August. (Occassionally as high as 40c in very hot years)
The summer sizzles with long hot days and warm balmy nights while the autumn months of September and October are like the best days of a British summer with the sea still warm enough to swim in comfortably and the days still great for building up that suntan. Basically it is still summer.

From the end of October the evenings become cooler making it necessary to wear lightweight jackets if you go out while the days are still warm enough to wear light clothing.

In the winter snow falls on the Troodos Mountains while the sun shines on the coastal areas.

You can ski up in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe on the beaches in the afternoon with an average of six hours sunshine per day even at this time of year. This is the wettest time of year with heavy  rain and some spectacular lightning displays over the sea. Rain tends to mostly occur at nights with the sun coming out during the day so winters really do not seem like winter, although heating is needed in the houses at night.

Spring is a wonderful time of year with beautiful wild flowers springing up everywhere. The first wild orchids bloom from January onwards and almond trees are in full bloom by mid February and the wonderful heady scent of orange blossom fills the air.

March days are warm and sunny with the evenings still remaining cool.

Cyprus really is an island for all seasons.

Living Standards
Taxation and the cost of living are low compared to Britain offering excellent investment opportunities while the standard of living is high.
The crime rate remains the lowest in Europe giving a feeling of safety and security wherever you go.
Also in Cyprus they drive on the same side of the road as in the UK making exploring the island
safer for yourselves and your visitors.

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