Troodos Mountains

Troodos Mountains

The Troodos is a massif of eroded igneous rock with deep valleys and steep mountainsides covered with virgin forest of Pine and Cedar.
Rising to a height of 6,500 feet Troodos is a complete contrast to the more well known coastal areas of Cyprus.

The Troodos range abounds in nature trails which are a delight for bikers, walkers, bird watches and botanists alike.
There are many types of fauna and flora which are unique to Cyprus including herds of grazing Moufflon or Agrino, the shaggy mountain sheep which are indigenous to Cyprus, an endangered species which is protected in a nature reserve which ensures their survival.

The scent of orange and lemon tree fills the air and almond blossom brings a beauty of its own to the hillsides in the spring.
The many mountain villages each have their own speciality whether it is a mountain goat cheese, a  delicious wine, fresh cherries or rosewater.

Nine of Troodos Byzantine churches are now listed on UNESCOS world cultural heritage list. The monasteries are popular with visitors to the island.

In the summer months the fresh cool air of the Troodos Mountains offers a respite from the humidity and heat of the coastal regions while between New Year and the end of March it is possible to ski on one of the seven ski runs which offer something for skiers of all abilities.

Driving is something of an art form with hairpin bends, perilous road conditions and lethal corners while the scenery is apt to distract the most careful driver from his task.
However if you take things steadily you shouldn't have too many problems
especially as the roads are relatively quiet.

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