Non EU Citizens

 A non European citizen can take permanent residency with the below criteria:

a. Purchase a property for at least Euro 300.000

b. The applicant must pay with official receipts at least Euro 200.000 before the application is made

c. The applicant must have a guaranteed yearly income of at least Euro 30.000, and for each dependent an additional Euro 5.000 per year.

d. The applicant must deposit with any Bank in Cyprus the amount of Euro 30.000, and this amount must be in a fixed deposit for at least three years.

e. The applicant must lodge with his application a police clearance from his country

f. The applicant must sign a confirmation that he will not work in Cyprus in any way

g. The applicant must visit Cyprus at least once every two years


According to the decision of the Minister of Interior, if the applicant visit Cyprus once every two years his permanent residency permission will not be canceled.


The Ministry will approve the application within one to two months from the date of the application.


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