Larnaca Airport Shuttlebus is launched

Larnaca Airport Shuttlebus is launched

Larnaca Airport  Shuttlebus Service Launched

The launch of the airport bus shuttle service linking the island’s main cities to Larnaca has been launched.  The numbers of passengers using the long-awaited shuttle between Nicosia/Limassol/Paphos and Larnaca Airport are increasing by the day. There is one departure point in both Nicosia and Limassol and two in Paphos. The shedule includes frequent runs to and from the airport including in the early hours of the morning, starting at 05.00 am then following the schedule of flights.

Limassol buses depart from Ayios Georgios Havouzas (off the Polemidia Roundabout), Nicosia passengers can pick up the shuttle from the Philoxenia Hotel while Paphos City Buses for the time being are working together with the sister company in Limassol carrying passengers to and from Paphos to Larnaca airport. There are two points of departure from Paphos, one from the Central Karavela Station and another from the small harbour of Kato Paphos, mainly to accomodate holidaymakers. Passengers are advised to make advance reservations.

The airport bus service was launched by Cyprus' Minister of Communications and Works Minister, Nicos Nicolaides. At the launch of the project, he stressed that the public must be offered a viable choice. Limassol Urban Buses (Ltd), the company running the service from Limassol, said that they are confident that in the future the number of travellers will increase as they have sent information to Tour Operators, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and are also preparing advertising leaflets that will be available at the airport. Kapnos Airport Shuttle has also set up an office at the airport to cater for any travellers wishing to go to Nicosia.

The one way fare from Nicosia is €5, from Limassol €7 and a total of €14 from Paphos, there is no extra cost for luggage.

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