Title Deeds

Before Title Deeds are issued in Cyprus the completed development needs to be inspected and approved by the land registry.

Once approved, the developer can start the process of getting the Title Deeds issued.

If it's just a single property, this can happen very quickly.

However, if it's part of a larger development the length of time it takes for your title deeds depends on whether you bought towards the start of the development or the end of the development.

So if you bought at the very beginning of a development you will have a much longer wait than those who bought towards the end of the construction, as the inspection for approval cannot be carried out until the entire development is complete.

It can happen that a developer does not stick to the agreed plans and this case the developer & planning authority need to resolve the issues before the developer can start the ball rolling on the issue of Title Deeds.

The developer may also have mortgaged the land to help fund the development. This too can lead to delays if the mortgage is not settled before the completion of the project.

If you haven't bought yet, but are planning to, you must take independent legal advice to make sure that there are no major issues which might hold up issuing of Title Deeds.

NEVER use the 'free' legal services offered by the developers.

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