Aphrodite wellness villages

Aphrodite living wellness villages

Aphrodite living are here to make your life easier on every level so you don't have to worry about 'what ifs'.

We aim to provide a wide range of services, from concierge services such as signing for parcels while you are away to assistance with personal care, and by giving special attention to your health, providing a realistic dietary and exercise plan, to ensure you live live longer, healthier and happier.

We offer high levels of medical and domestic support so you don't have to worry having a Plan B or have to contemplate alternative arrangements further down the line, such as having to move to a care home.

Aphrodite Living communities capture that feeling of living in a caring, cooperative neighbourhood and the sense of well-being and security this way of life life brings.

You are more likely to have like minded neighbours, which creates an atmosphere of consideration and mutual appreciation.

On a more practical level there will be a 24 hour emergency support sytem in place from our on-site medical centres.



Our main aims and goals

Resort style comfort and amenities.

Health, longevity and happiness.

Village community reduces loneliness.

increase in fitness activity to reduce healthcare costs.

Meaningful and fruitful activities with real purpose.

Productivity on a cooperative basis.

Learning new things.

Standard services

Bespoke services


Resort like comforts and amenities


Our villages will be very much like hoilday resorts.

Our landscaped gardens will be tended by professionals.

Our large indoor and outdoor swimming pools will be much like those you find in large hotels and resorts.

Similarly the amenities available will mirror those of large resorts and hotels however with much lower prices.

Health, Longevity and Happiness

Research has shown that if you exercise regularly with supervision, eat a mediterranean style diet, socialise regularly and keep busy and live in a sunny climate, you will live 8 - 10 years longer.

Further research has shown that a wholefood plant based diet reduces cardiovascular deseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and even in certain cases some forms of cancer.

Village community and reducing loneliness.

People are hyper-connected digitally, but people need to get connected in real life and where they live. Its a serious mental and physical health issue and fundemental to a wellness community.

Socialising reduces hypertension and depression.


There will be an entertainment team on site that will organise many events for residents, including road trips around the island.

Our villages will give special attention to the buliding of a community that is integrated with its surroundings as well as the local community.

The architectural place making and landscaping will encourage socialising and social activities, this will include outdoor amphitheatres, games rooms, function halls, coffe shops etc.


Increase in fitness activity to reduce healthcare costs


Resident qualified fitness instructors will provide bespoke fitness plans for residents to follow. Group fitness sessions will emphasize social interaction as well as exercise.


Facts from the World Health Organisation

Appropriate regular activity is a major component in preventing the growing global burden or growing disease.

At least 60% of the worlds population fails to acheive the mimimum recommendation of 30minutes moderate physical activity daily.

The risk of getting a cardiovascular disease increases by 1.5 times in people who do not follow minimum physical activity recommendations.



Increasing physical activity is a societal as well as an individual problem and it demands a population based, multi sectoral, multidisciplinary and culturally relevant approach.

Learning new things

Our villages will have free courses, arranged through the Ministry of Education that include: Learning Greek or any other language

Greek Dancing

Pottery classes

Byzantine Art

Mediterranean cuisine cooking classes

Gardening Classes

 Mosaic classes

Many of our classes will emphasise local Culture


Bespoke Services

´ Yoga/massage

´ Beauty Salon

´ Mindfulness classes

´ Personal trainer

´ House Cleaning

´ Laundry and ironing

´ Shopping

´ Meals

´ Hotel Services for visiting guests

´ Restaurants and coffee shop

´ Assisted Living

´ Care Living

´ Light

´ Medium

´ Full

´ Dementia and Memory Care

Our Projects

Tsada Old Mill Wellness Village

110 units mixed - studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3   bedroom apartments

120 x 2 bedroom cottages

Expandable by another 120 cottages in Phase 2

Kolymbas Tsada Wellness Community

50 x 2 bedroom cottages – VIP luxury option








Kouklia Heights Wellness Village

95 x 2 bedroom cottages

Expandable by another 100 cottages in Phase 2


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