Paphos is a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus and the capital of Paphos District. In Antiquity two locations were called Paphos: Old Paphos and New Paphos. The currently inhabited city is New Paphos.
Paphos is the mythical birthplace Aphrodite, goddess of love, sexual intercourse and beauty, and the founding myth is interwoven with the goddess at every level. In Greco-Roman times Paphos was the island's capital and it is famous for the remains of the Roman Governor's palace, where extensive, fine mosaics are a major tourist attraction. The Apostle Paul of Tarsus visited the town during the first century. The town of Paphos is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage.
The Mayor of the Paphos Municipality is Savvas Vergas, a member of Diko party. The town is capital of Paphos District. Paphos is the birthplace of Marios Joannou Elia, an internationally famous composer and Rauf Denktaş, who was Turkish Cypriot leader for more than 30 years
In the founding myth, even the town's name is linked to the goddess, as the eponymous Paphos was the son of Pygmalion and his ivory cult image of Aphrodite, which was brought to life by the Goddess as "milk-white" Galatea. The author of Bibliotheke the Hellenistic encyclopedia of myth long attributed to Apollodorus, gives the genealogy. Pygmalion was so devoted to the cult of Aphrodite that he removed the statue to his palace and kept it on his couch. The daimon of the goddess entered into the cult image and the living Galatea bore Pygmalion a son Paphos and a daughter Metharme.
Cinyras perhaps the son of Paphos, but perhaps the successful suitor of Metharme, founded the city under the patronage of Aphrodite and built the great temple to the goddess there. According to another legend preserved by Strabo (xi. p. 505), whose text, however, varies, it was founded by the Amazons. If mythical time can be related to chronological time, this will have happened in the mid second millennium BC.

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